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Gamewright Rory's Story Cubes MAX


  • 1999
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Rory's Story Cubes - MAX

Let Your Imagination Roll Wild


  • Ages 8 and up
  • 1 or more players
  • Playing time: 15 minutes
  • No reading required
  • Stock #: 318C


  • 9 jumbo story cubes
  • rules of play


  • Dr. Toy's 10 Best Games of The Year
  • Major Fun Award
  • Parents' Choice Gold
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
  • Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award
  • iParenting Media Award
  • Play Advances Language (PAL) Award
  • A Award

How To Play:

Tell some really big stories! This special edition features jumbo versions of the original best-selling Rory’s Story Cubes. Perfect for classrooms, large groups, or for anyone who wants a larger set of cubes. Let the images spark your imagination and you’ll be a guaranteed a grand time!

About This Game:

There are infinite ways to play with Rory's Story Cubes. You can play solitaire or with others. Here are some suggested uses: Party game or ice-breaker, Literacy development, Speaking & listening skills, Creative inspiration, Mental workout, Problem solving.


  • Language & Vocabulary Development
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Creativity & Imagination

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