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Gala Red Croc Wine Purse with Corkscrew

Primeware Inc

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The Gala Red Croc Wine Purse is a classy way to carry your wine bottle to a party or your favorite free corkage restaurant.  This wine purse is a single bottle wine tote.  It features a thermal insulated compartment to keep your favorite bottle of wine chilled.  It also comes with a stainless steel corkscrew so you can open your wine when you arrive.

These lovely little wine purse are perfect for the wine diva! Includes a corkscrew and elastic strap to keep your bottle secure. The bottom of the tote is footed in chrome to sit gracefully. Great as a wine tote or a purse! 

The Gala Red Croc Wine Purse has a great round hard-bodied design with a solid handle to carry your favorite wine around. It is difficult to overstate the simple elegance of this faux crocodile leather wine purse. The classic design and light colors accentuates the crocodile patterns, while its rich finish reflects from the night light in your favorite restaurant.

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