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Original Playa High Round Toe Minimalist Shoes in Black/Black

Original Playa High Round Toe Minimalist Shoes in Black/Black


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Product Details

This style offers the full complete foot freedom of the Playa Low in a round, 5 toe compartment - combined with an above-the-ankle secure-fit collar. The stretchable and breathable upper material allows all toes to move and articulate without restraint - but keeps sand & debris out. Favored by sand & water sports athletes alike. The Playa High is suitable for many barefoot activities where comfort, foot freedom and lateral stability is important but an additional level of ankle protection is warranted. Avoids blisters or chafing (scuba fins, sand sports). Enjoy the amazing feeling of total foot freedom and spread, flex and articulate all parts of your foot while getting the protection you deserve.

ACTIVITIES enter the Zone of Endless Motion
Beach Volleyball - Kite Boarding - Scuba - Kayaking
Paddle boarding - Sailing - Cross Fit - Jet Skiing
Core Training - Dance

Sand & Beaches
Wood flooring
Work-out Mats
Treadmills & Gym flooring
Hotels & Spas
Cruise Ships
Car, Airport, Planes & Mass Transit

Firm footing for many sports and activities
Maximal toe freedom, ideal for wide feet or foot sensitivities
Strengthens the natural arch and re-conditions feet
Proprioception heightens sensory feedback and awareness


  • Mono-mesh lite upper
  • Barefoot technology meets fashion styling
  • Phylon & Green Grip TM rubber outsole
  • Zero-Drop & Barefoot Last
  • PORON® Performance Cushioning Insole
  • Round toe pattern
  • Secure hold with ZEMs secure-fit above-the ankle collar to keep out sand & debris
  • Breathable, drainable 4-way stretch upper
  • Patented high-frequency tech bands grant lateral stability during activities
  • Protective barefoot outsole with traction lugs

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