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Oxygen O2 Round Toe Barefoot Shoes - Black/Black

Oxygen O2 Round Toe Barefoot Shoes - Black/Black


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Product Details

The Oxygen 2 round toe pattern lets all toes feel free and flex as desired. The natural barefoot-feel of this pattern with a roomy toe box allows you to enjoy many activities around the water and nautical environments without restraints. Make the most of the durable and non-marking, 'Green-Grip 'recycled rubber outsole for energetic runs, along-the-shore & water-sports or gym work-outs. Water dispersion channels help with slip-resistance on marine surfaces or diverse wet environments. Our flexible, form-fitting 4-way stretch uppers hold multiple widths and foot shapes comfortably. ZEMs 6 unique heritage tech-bands deliver secure footing and lateral stability desired for active engagement in life and sports.

When stepping into the Oxygen 2 round toe, your toes will experience plenty of wiggle room in the roomy toe box. You will feel the tech bands creating a snug stability cradle to safe guard your lateral stability.

Give materials time to warm up and mold to your individual foot shape. Our experience shows that your foot takes only a short transition time to embrace the new barefoot feeling to the fullest.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Sailing - Fun in the Sun Sports - Beach Walks & Runs - Gym Work Outs - Boating & Marine Activities - Boot Camp - Travel - Everyday Life

Beaches and Shores
Sailboats and Powerboats
Marine Environments
Roads & Training Environments
Treadmills & Gym flooring

Round-toe foot freedom creates true barefoot experience
Re-conditions natural arch and enhances foot strength
Heightened proprioception improves balance
Low-impact production methods reduce ZEMs carbon footprint


  • Round-toe pattern for wiggle room in the toe area and natural barefoot feel
  • Green Grip recycled rubber pods
  • Non-marking, non-slip outsole with water-dispersion channels
  • Form-fitting 4-way stretch upper for multiple widths & foot shapes
  • Patented high-frequency Tech Bands create lateral stability

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