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Primeware Nautical Striped Insulated Wine Clutch

Primeware Inc

  • 1999
  • Save 33% ($ 29.99)

The Nautical Stripe Wine Clutch is a modern way to carry your wine bottle to a party or your favorite Bring Your Own Wine restaurant.  This wine clutch is a single bottle wine tote.  It features a thermal insulated compartment to keep your favorite bottle of wine chilled.  It also comes with a stainless steel corkscrew so you can open your wine when you arrive.

Small, lightweight, and very trendy, the wine clutch is a wonderful gift idea for the wine connoisseur! Can double as a lunch bag too!

There are two cute styles in the sassy striped collection, Sassy Stripe and Nautical Stripe.  They are both modern, contemporary looks that are sure to impress.

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