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Swimways Squiggle Squirter Pool Toy


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Get ready for wacky, water-full fun with the SwimWays Squiggle Squirter water toy! These cute and colorful fish are a liquid launcher in disguise. Watch the flexible tubes send water in all directions - who knows who will get wet next?! To use this crazy water shooter, dip the fish head underwater and draw back the pump inside the handle to fill the water reservoir. When done, lift the fish above the water and push the pump back into the handle to squirt. Get ready to be soaked! It’s a great way to stay cool on those hot summer days. This kid-powered pool toy is easy for little hands to operate. Sold individually. Colors and styles may vary. For kids age 3 and older.

SwimWays Squiggle Squirters is a water toy that shoots water in all directions!

The pump-fill water reservoir is easy to use and kid-powered - no batteries required!

Water sprays out the ends of the tubes, spraying the water in random patterns – who will get soaked next?!

Great for staying cool on hot summer days.

For children age 3 and older.

About Swimways

SwimWays takes fun to the next level! Our products are designed for water lovers, by water lovers. We offer products for your entire family - even the dog! We want the pool to be where your family and friends can splash, relax and be together. We know that some of the best times with your family are in the pool – one of the few places where you can completely disconnect from real life; it’s like a mini-vacation! Mom and dad play with the kids, kids play with their friends, and most importantly people focus on each other. No computers, smartphones, tablets or TVs! At SwimWays we provide your water family with water toys, pool floats, pool games, swim training gear, pool decorations and more, turning an ordinary day into a water-full day. Products you may already be aware of include our Spring Float® pool float line, Aquaria foam pool floats, Toypedo dive toys, Sea Squirts swim vests and life jackets, Rainbow Reef swimming fish toys, and Flood Force water soakers. Our partnership with Disney, MARVEL, and Star Wars brings you pool toys and floats featuring kid-favorite characters from the hottest movies and series.


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